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VIGORIS distribute innovative medical products in the German healthcare market. Primary there are medical products and services. VIGORIS has priorities in the following sectors (samples). Also you want to be selling an innovative medical device?

VIGORIS increase your sales in Germany

How we do this?

VIGORIS is your German sales partner.

VIGORIS has extensive contacts in the German health system. We use these contacts for distribution of innovative products and services.


VIGORIS sell our products to hospitals. We have excellent contacts to German hospitals.


VIGORIS sell your products to doctors. With many medical and nursing professions, we are in frequent contact.


With health insurance, we often are in correspondence.

Next Generation Sequencing – Interdisciplinary cooperation MLL (Germany), IBM Watson (USA), Illumina (USA)

It was only a few weeks ago that IBM Watson (cognitive system) and Illumina (manufacturer of sequencing devices based on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology) came out. In the context of the indication tumors an intensified co-operation is to arise. In addition to a very high sequencing capacity, NGS allowsRead More

EU MDR and EU IVDR (In Vitro Diagnostic)

The new European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and the EU Regulation on In Vitro Diagnostics (IVDR) will replace the existing Medical Device Directives. The timetable for the publication has shifted further. Meanwhile one goes from summer 2017 out. Manufacturers are doing well to deal with the new regulations and toRead More

The current health records of the Federal Republic of Germany are available.

Chronic diseases are one of the major challenges faced by not only the EU Member States. Great differences in Europe exist in hypertension, allergies and osteoarthritis. Germany is particularly badly opposed to the other European countries in these three indicative areas. The German health Report March 2017 (only german language) canRead More

Market overview of safe and reproducible purification

Market overview of safe and reproducible purification – Sample preparation in the laboratory with molecular biology   Do you need a proven insulation method based on magnetic bead technology? Do you need a safe sample processing? Looking for an easy-to-use Walk Away System?

Now export medical technology to Germany

Germany is world champion of exports. Goods “Made in Germany” are very popular abroad. Cars, special machines and also medical technology goes abroad. Overall, the German performance balance in 2016 ended with a surplus of 266 billion euros. As every year, the 2016 surplus was largely due to foreign trade:Read More

New diagnostic and therapeutic methods must demonstrate evidence

There is a large difference between the use of the CE mark and the evidence for the reimbursement by German statutory health insurance funds.