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VIGORIS distribute innovative medical products in the German healthcare market. Primary there are medical products and services. VIGORIS has priorities in the following sectors (samples). Also you want to be selling an innovative medical device?

VIGORIS increase your sales in Germany

How we do this?

VIGORIS is your German sales partner.

VIGORIS has extensive contacts in the German health system. We use these contacts for distribution of innovative products and services.


VIGORIS sell our products to hospitals. We have excellent contacts to German hospitals.


VIGORIS sell your products to doctors. With many medical and nursing professions, we are in frequent contact.


With health insurance, we often are in correspondence.

Manufacturer Bertsch is a new partner of VIGORIS

Since 1986 BERTSCH belongs to the German professional object manufacturers as a German manufacturer. Customers who rely on BERTSCH as a German manufacturer for many years are, among others, Hotel chains, laundries, shipping companies, bathing and sanitary wares, cosmetic institutes or football league clubs (only excerpt). BERTSCH is certified accordingRead More

German health care market with growth weaknesses

Germany has the second largest current account surplus in the world. A surplus of current account surplus is generated when Germany exports significantly more than imported and gives more money. In 2015, a new record surplus in the trade balance of 248 billion euros was achieved. The german medical technology sectorRead More

Genetic Impressions of the Medica Düsseldorf 2016

VIGORIS HEALTHCARE has supported Dr. Seibt Genomics Bonn on the stand of Medica Düsseldorf. VIGORIS HEALTHCARE is the official consulting and sales partner of Dr. Seibt Genomics. Picture: Dietmar Bönsch, VIGORIS Partner North-West Why do we support Dr. Seibt Genomics? Dietmar Bönsch*): “Genetic tests, especially in the context of medicines,Read More

Non-profit research on dementia (studies)

Fourth law amending the law on drugs and other regulations was passed by the German Bundestag. The Research (studies), which has only a benefit for the affected patient group, is to be permitted in the future, provided that the person concerned expressly permits this after comprehensive medical education in theRead More

Without proven patient use (studies) everything is nothing.

Germany has 82 million inhabitants. 80 percent insured in statutory health insurance. This means that the cost-bearer is not the patient, but the health insurance fund (except for pro rata patient payments). Only CE certification for medical products is almost the same in Europe. However, this does not apply toRead More

Polyharmazy – Improve the interaction of physician and pharmacist

More and more elderly people use more than five drugs every day because of their many different diseases. Especially in the group of multimorbid people, this can lead to many risks.

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