VIGORIS PARTNERSHIP VIGORIS has been supporting the competition since 2014. Our VIGORIS partner Dietmar Bönsch, VIGORIS FOUNDER supports company founders with an innovative business idea in the German healthcare sector in the preparation of sales planning. The specificities of the German health care system with its numerous regulations must be taken into account. Who could do this better than a standing practitioner from the German health care system. Long CompetitionBusinessplan competition medical technology 2017Businessplan competition medical technology 2017Ruhr Ruhr and Pro Ruhr area VIGORIS has been…Continue Reading “NEWS: Businessplan competition medical technology”

News Lower Saxon state government decides to set up a fund of 600 million euros for the renewal of the UMG (Göttingen)  and the MHH (Hannover). The investment requirement for the healthcare sector at both university hospitals is currently estimated to be around € 2.1 billion. For both locations, structural realization phases with time and investment plans are to be submitted by the end of 2017. Sustainable financial plans will not be available until 2018.

X-ray equipment Surgical lighting Medical equipment Equipment for anesthesia Patient remote monitoring system Infusion pumps Operating tables Hospital beds Equipment for heart stimulation Anesthesia and resuscitation Defibrillator Ultrasonic system Devices for filtration Cardiographs Heat bath for blood and liquids Deadline for the submission of tenders 11.5.2017 This information is not binding

The field of application of anesthesia ventilation devices covers the entire operative spectrum) and bariatric procedures. The main focus of the device application is on endoprosthetic orthopedics including complex spinal column surgery and endoscopic surgery. Deadline for tendering: 25.05.2017 Delivery date 18.09.2017 and end 22.09.2017 The information is non-binding.

The renovation of the Hospital Rotenburg will continue in summer 2017. From July 2017, the floors two to six of the B-wing are to be equipped with new patient rooms with wet cell and with new technology. The B-wing is the rear part of the building from the main entrance. After the renovation, there will only be one and two-bed rooms – with the possibility of setting up a third bed. Hornstein emphasized that the number of beds will not be reduced overall. After the decision…Continue Reading “NEWS: Hospital Rotenburg (Hesse) builds single and double rooms 2017”