VIGORIS PARTNERSHIP VIGORIS has been supporting the competition since 2014. Our VIGORIS partner Dietmar Bönsch, VIGORIS FOUNDER supports company founders with an innovative business idea in the German healthcare sector in the preparation of sales planning. The specificities of the German health care system with its numerous regulations must be taken into account. Who could do this better than a standing practitioner from the German health care system. Long CompetitionBusinessplan competition medical technology 2017Businessplan competition medical technology 2017Ruhr Ruhr and Pro Ruhr area VIGORIS has been…Continue Reading “NEWS: Businessplan competition medical technology”

News Lower Saxon state government decides to set up a fund of 600 million euros for the renewal of the UMG (Göttingen)  and the MHH (Hannover). The investment requirement for the healthcare sector at both university hospitals is currently estimated to be around € 2.1 billion. For both locations, structural realization phases with time and investment plans are to be submitted by the end of 2017. Sustainable financial plans will not be available until 2018.

Conclusion of non-exclusive discount agreements pursuant to section 130a SGB V concerning various active substances / combinations with possible termination at any time under the so-called “open-house procedure”. The earliest start of the contract is 1.5.2017. The term of the contract is 24 months. The information is non-binding.