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Substance Raltegravir § 130a Paragraph 8 SGB V (German Law, Sozialgesetzbuch V der Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) allows health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies to conclude framework agreements on the medicinal products to be charged to the statutory health insurance funds. The DAK health insurance fund carries out an award procedure according to the regulations of the fourth part of the GWB. The duration of the framework contract is 24 months. Deadline for tendering: 5.4.2017 The information is non-binding.

The subject of the contracts is the provision of electrostimulation devices of subgroup 09.37.01 (low-frequency electrostimulation devices for the treatment of pain) to the insured persons of the AOK Niedersachsen, with electrostimulation devices of the product types,, (low-frequency EMG- Controlled muscle stimulation devices) and the corresponding accessories and consumables of the subgroups 09.99.01, 09.99.02 and 09.99.99 of the index of aids according to § 139 SGB V. Deadline for tendering: 28.3.2017 The information is non-binding.

AOK Community is carrying out a stress test.

90 percent of Germans are members of statutory health and long-term care insurance. The AOK community is one of the largest statutory health insurances in Germany. The AOK community is responsible for about 24 million people – almost one third of the population in Germany.

Even if the amounts for health insurance were not increased in 2017 and only moderately increased in nursing care insurance, further increases in premium rates in statutory health insurance are expected in the coming years. This is due in particular to the medical and medical-technical progress as well as to the demographic development in Germany.

2017 is an election year in Germany. A new Federal Chancellor and government are elected. The history shows that after the end of the election year, health reforms are pending.

The AOK community consists of 11 independent statutory health insurances.

The liability association, to which the AOK Community is subject, is not new. What is new, however, is that a stress test (risk management) has now been introduced.

The objective is to identify early on the development of a single AOK by means of key indicators. Early countermeasures can be initiated in this way. Within the scope of this risk management, various reporting and intervention levels have been developed in which the individual AOKs can be classified. The objective is to initiate early countermeasures in an AOK when there are emergencies.

With regard to changing conditions after the Bundestag election, this is certainly a very forward-looking step in the largest statutory health insurance fund. The effectiveness of this stress test must then prove itself.

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