News Lower Saxon state government decides to set up a fund of 600 million euros for the renewal of the UMG (Göttingen)  and the MHH (Hannover). The investment requirement for the healthcare sector at both university hospitals is currently estimated to be around € 2.1 billion. For both locations, structural realization phases with time and investment plans are to be submitted by the end of 2017. Sustainable financial plans will not be available until 2018.

Germany is world champion of exports. Goods “Made in Germany” are very popular abroad. Cars, special machines and also medical technology goes abroad. Overall, the German performance balance in 2016 ended with a surplus of 266 billion euros. As every year, the 2016 surplus was largely due to foreign trade: between January and December, Germany reported an export surplus of 253 billion euros, according to the Federal Statistical Office. The German performance balance has become a problem in the global economy. The euro has also…Continue Reading “Now export medical technology to Germany”

The Neumarkt hospital will be further expanded and will receive additional departments. More than 22 million euros are to be invested. A new building will be built for acute care, including 41 beds. In addition, a new day clinic for acute care with 15 places will be created. In addition, the existing pavilion buildings will be installed.