At the end of February, a child at the Südharz Hospital Nordhausen died after an accident with a hospital bed. The ten-year-old girl was found trapped under a hospital bed in child and youth psychiatry. The child has suffered so severe head injuries that it died.

The exact course is still unclear.

Mayby the child was apparently pinched as she crawled under the bed and the electric sinking mechanism started. The girl was crawling under the bed, apparently to get something fallen. The atypical operation as well as technical deficiencies are investigated. The German prosecutor’s office confiscated the hospital bed.

The Südharz-Klinikum had completely replaced its bedding equipment with 725 beds only 2016 and acquired for 2,8 million euro new beds. Hospital beds and mattresses were exchanged. The Südharzklinikum has submitted an application for funding for the purchase of the beds at the Land of Thuringia. Several patient beds were tested for several weeks at the Südharz Hospital. According to a report from the Südharz Hospital, beds from Stieglmeyer were purchased 2016.

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Here is a basic table about nursing care.

2015: To a little over 6,000 inhabitants comes a inpatient care facility and an outpatient care service in Germany.

Care facility Germany 2007 - 2015

Contact us20072009201120132015
Total nursing homes11 02911 63412 35413 03013 596
~ (with Full-time permanent care)9 91910 38410 70610 94911 164
Ambulatory care service11 52912 02612 34912 74513 323
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