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With the help of predictive genetic diagnostics individual disease risks can be identified and targeted prevention measures, if necessary, early treatment can be initiated. Genetic diagnostics includes all genetic tests which are either verifying or prognostic. In a simple genetic diagnostics, Dr. Seibt Genomics (www.dr-seibt-genomics.com) checks whether a genetic defect is the cause of an existing disease or intolerance or not. Dr. Seibt Genomics supports a differentiated diagnosis and selects the optimal therapy of patients. However, these studies can also be used in the context of targeted preventive measures or early therapy.
Using pharmacogenomics physicians may be added to the dosage for each patient individual recommendations. It has certainly also become clear to you that long-term proven medicinal products are not or not sufficiently effective for the individual patient. The reason for this variability of drug effects can be genetic genetic differences, which Dr. Seibt Genomics (www.dr-seibt-genomics.com) can decipher with modern instruments and scientific expertise.
The aim of the pharmacogenomics is to provide an individual recommendation for dose adjustment for each patient or, if appropriate, an alternative to the active substance. This is why Dr. Seibt Genomics supports you in prescribing or recommending the right medicine to your patients at the optimum dosage.

Using the Liquid-biopsy diagnostic, a molecular analysis of tumor DNA obtained from blood. This can be used to diagnose, follow-up and treatment stratification of diseases including Cancer. An even better screening and an even better follow-up in the treatment of tumors are conceivable.

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Patient safety, patient benefit and Efficiency in Health Care Management




VIGORIS special offer for german clinics

  • Request for new examination and treatment methods in the inpatient care according to § 137c paragraph 1 SGB V (NUBs).
  • Hospitals: request to increase the daily rate according to § 39 (1) sentence 2 SGB V (Teilstationäre Vergütung).
  • Lowering the costs per case (drug therapy costs).


VIGORIS special offer for Private and Statutory Health Insurance

  • Support for improved outcomes in the treatment of tumors, mental and neurological Treatments.
  • Lowering the costs per case (drug therapy costs).
  • Recovering insured through improved diagnostics deals.