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VIGORIS since 1996

At the beginning of the history of VIGORIS group in 1996, there was a vision, a new and unique combination of health advice and marketing innovation to provide medical devices and projects. 1996 economics graduate Dietmar Bönsch developed the business idea to support young companies in the distribution of innovative medical products in the German healthcare. As european and extra-european medical device manufacturers are faced with the same problem, the distribution was extended to this company with innovative medical devices since 2013.  



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Founder Dietmar Bönsch

I started this Business because I saw a need in the marktplace.

VITAE Dietmar Bönsch

Managing Director German Hospitals
Managing Director German Nurse Homes
Member of the Board German Health and Care Insurance
Member of the board of Directors of the german medical service
Managing Director Service Company for German Hospitals
Purchasing Manager German Hospital
Head of Mergers and Acquisition
Business Consultant