NEWS: Hospital Rotenburg (Hesse) builds single and double rooms 2017

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The renovation of the Hospital Rotenburg will continue in summer 2017.

From July 2017, the floors two to six of the B-wing are to be equipped with new patient rooms with wet cell and with new technology.

The B-wing is the rear part of the building from the main entrance. After the renovation, there will only be one and two-bed rooms – with the possibility of setting up a third bed. Hornstein emphasized that the number of beds will not be reduced overall.

After the decision of the Diakonie that the KKH should remain independent, and the subsidy fee of the state of Hesse in the amount of 4.5 million euro, one would start in the summer with usually somewhat smaller occupancy with the construction works, said Hornstein. Since December the KKH has been occupied with an average of 150 and more patients.

The construction plans have been running since February 2017, and calls for tenders are coming soon. The construction work is to be completed by February 2018, so one hopes. The seven employees of the Technical Department, headed by Daniel Kleinkauf, are also to provide their own services. The restructuring is estimated at 6.5 million euros. T

he diaconal house of the state of Hesse, which has already spent 700,000 euros on the Intermediate Care Station (Intermediate Station), receives 4.5 million euros. For a loan of 2.4 million euros vouches the circle. The remaining sum was still being negotiated.