The Aachen University Hospital is currently conducting the following call for tenders:

A high-resolution dedicated bimodal SPECT-CT parsing imaging system for pre-clinical.

Molecular imaging for oncological, pharmacological, cardiological, endocrinological, immunological and neurological research, evaluation of new SPECT tracers in different small animals (rats, mice).

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Purchase, delivery and installation of a 3.0 MRI system, 70 cm patient opening with the possibility of integrative adaptation of therapeutic high-energy ultrasound for oncologically relevant examinations / applications / therapy


Purchase, delivery and installation of an RF cabin with magnetic field shielding for a 3.0 T MRI system with upscale interior equipment (large pictures, light design, colored walls, etc.) and special filter preparation and the like. For the installation of an MR-coupled HIFU system and a high-pressure extinguishing system in the HF room. Maximum sound insulation (air and body sound) is required.


Full service for all active components (initially for 5 years, alternatively extension for another year).

The deadline for submission of tenders: 2.3.2017
Start contract: 3.7.2017

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