It was only a few weeks ago that IBM Watson (cognitive system) and Illumina (manufacturer of sequencing devices based on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology) came out. In the context of the indication tumors an intensified co-operation is to arise. In addition to a very high sequencing capacity, NGS allows for the clonal sequencing of individual molecules, a higher diagnostic sensitivity by parallel sequencing of entire gene panels, simplified handling as well as the parallel and therefore more cost-effective processing of the samples. In other…Continue Reading “Next Generation Sequencing – Interdisciplinary cooperation MLL (Germany), IBM Watson (USA), Illumina (USA)”

VIGORIS HEALTHCARE is new consulting and sales partner of Dr. Seibt Genomics . Dr. Seibt Genomics based in the internationally renowned Beta Klinik at Bonner Bogen is a young start UP enterprise which specializes in genetic and pharmacogenomic studies. VIGORIS HEALTHCARE is a specialized consulting and sales company in the German healthcare. Previously, the focus was beside advising healthcare companies (hospitals, medical care centers, doctors’ offices) on the distribution of innovative medical products and services. Now VIGORIS HEALTHCARE can bring his consulting and sales experience…Continue Reading “VIGORIS HEALTHCARE enters genetic terrain”