Would you like to enter the German health care market with a small budget? We will gladly take over the distribution activities for you. We have some standard building blocks for you. Do you need occasional support or training? Or would you like to start with us? Would you like to have time and plan a successive market entry in Germany? Or would you like to enter quickly, effectively and sustainably in order to expand your sales in Germany? We offer professional sales activities on…Continue Reading “Now enter the German Health Care Market”

The self-payout market in the German healthcare sector is booming. Approximately one billion euros are spent by physicians estimated annually with self-pay services (IGEL services). German physicians have the opportunity to offer patients financed by patients free of charge. IGEL services are not included in the statutory health insurance list. Patients were also consulted on IGEL services. Thirty-seven percent consider IGEL services negative and 26 percent negative. Thus the overwhelming part of IGEL sees services as negative. What can be explained? From the rational employment…Continue Reading “Evidence of the benefits of self-pay services”

Method evaluation (according to § 135 and 137c SGB V) and testing of examination and treatment methods (according to § 137e SGB V) The G-BA has the statutory mandate to ensure the adequate, appropriate and economic care of the insured according to scientific criteria through its guidelines. Within the framework of a structured evaluation procedure, G-BA reviews diagnostic and therapeutic methods – Use, – medical necessity and – Economics. For new methods of examination and treatment, the benefits of which are not yet sufficiently documented,…Continue Reading “German Market Access – Method evaluation and testing of examination and treatment methods”