Who agreed in the hospital over a dial service agreement a senior consultant treatment, may not be easily operated by another doctor. The set now, the german Bundesgerichtshof (Supreme Court, AZ: VI ZR 75/15) clear.

Chief physicians appear in many luxurious performance areas of a hospital. In this concrete benefits but provided by subordinate staff. The chief doctor can not be available 24 hours, 365 days a year anywhere.

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What is the demographic development of in Germany? In Germany in 2060 approximately 33 percent of the population will be older than 65 years. Life expectancy is increasing. Women are an average of 89 years, men 85 years old. In contrast, the population is shrinking by 200,000 inhabitants annually. There are more and less children on the world. What may GIAs? Geriatric Institute ambulances will be allowed to provide geriatric patients, who have a complex treatment is needed. The services are provided to transfer and…Continue Reading “New perspectives for outpatient geriatric care in Germany”