Germany is world champion of exports. Goods “Made in Germany” are very popular abroad. Cars, special machines and also medical technology goes abroad. Overall, the German performance balance in 2016 ended with a surplus of 266 billion euros. As every year, the 2016 surplus was largely due to foreign trade: between January and December, Germany reported an export surplus of 253 billion euros, according to the Federal Statistical Office. The German performance balance has become a problem in the global economy. The euro has also…Continue Reading “Now export medical technology to Germany”

More than 50 planned clinic closures, postponing of appointments, treatment time extensions and, in future, prepayment for foreign patients
The state health service NHS (National Health Service) offers nearly free health care. Obviously the state system seems to have entered a crisis.

What is currently happening in UK is also conceivable for Germany from 2018 onwards. After every election year in Germany (election of a new federal government and parliament), health reforms are taking place.

Foreign patients will also be affected by the economic crisis. It is envisaged from April 2017 that foreign patients or patients who are not entitled to free treatment should be paid for non-urgent surgeries.

The NHS crisis had already left its mark in winter. Operations-also from tumor patients-have been postponed. Wait Lists have extended considerably.

The treatment times have also worsened considerably.

The clinics were only able to reach the clinics by 86 percent of the clinics within 4 hours of treatment.

Waiting times of 12 hours and more on a treatment have also greatly deteriorated. These are more and more frequent.


In order to “master” the financial crisis at the NHS, more than 50 UK clinics are to be closed, reduced, merged or converted.
According to current publications, the following hospitals are severely affected by the NHS plans, in particular:

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