X-ray equipment Surgical lighting Medical equipment Equipment for anesthesia Patient remote monitoring system Infusion pumps Operating tables Hospital beds Equipment for heart stimulation Anesthesia and resuscitation Defibrillator Ultrasonic system Devices for filtration Cardiographs Heat bath for blood and liquids Deadline for the submission of tenders 11.5.2017 This information is not binding www.vigoris.de

Due to increasing patient numbers, the number of plan beds increased by 30 new beds to 355. Within the framework of this plan expansion, investments in movable assets such as patient beds, desserts or media equipment are also conceivable. The submission of an appraisal of interests should be considered. VIGORIS HEALTHCARE will be happy to assist you. Please contact us. Deadline for an letter of intent: currently none This information is not binding. www.vigoris.de