X-ray equipment Surgical lighting Medical equipment Equipment for anesthesia Patient remote monitoring system Infusion pumps Operating tables Hospital beds Equipment for heart stimulation Anesthesia and resuscitation Defibrillator Ultrasonic system Devices for filtration Cardiographs Heat bath for blood and liquids Deadline for the submission of tenders 11.5.2017 This information is not binding www.vigoris.de

Vivantes Klinikum Am Urban Berlin has published the following invitation to tender: Delivery of 8 (+1) piece of operating table units as Floor version with 12 standard operating table, Two special carbon and extensions table tops as well Corresponding accessories. Auxiliary services from the Construction work as assembly services and step-by-step delivery.   Please Note: With the bidding, bidders commit themselves to an extensive demonstration of the offer contents in the form of a 5-hour pro-ordering including all accessories in the rooms of the Vivantes…Continue Reading “Vivantes Klinikum needs 8 operating tables units”