Method evaluation (according to § 135 and 137c SGB V) and testing of examination and treatment methods (according to § 137e SGB V) The G-BA has the statutory mandate to ensure the adequate, appropriate and economic care of the insured according to scientific criteria through its guidelines. Within the framework of a structured evaluation procedure, G-BA reviews diagnostic and therapeutic methods – Use, – medical necessity and – Economics. For new methods of examination and treatment, the benefits of which are not yet sufficiently documented,…Continue Reading “German Market Access – Method evaluation and testing of examination and treatment methods”

Inpatient treatment – New examination and treatment methods for medical devices in a high risk category with a new method The G-BA to § 137h SGB V the task of evaluating stationary Viable examination and treatment methods, for the first time from a hospital, a request is made on additional charges for the compensation. Lying in a method before all those conditions, evaluated the G-BA, whether the benefits of the method is to be regarded as occupied or whether it has the potential of a…Continue Reading “Inpatient Treatment – high risk categorie”